3 Different ways to purchase – Which ones for you?

Hey guys!

So as the title suggests there is 3 different ways to purchase our amazing products, I promise to make this as short as possible but feel free to get in contact with me. As always I am here to help 🙂

Okay, Lets get started!

First way

A Direct customer, So you have found a sponsor (Myself) and you go onto our store via the link provided ‘LINK‘ (check that you can see the sponsors Name and Rep ID on the top left and also further details at the bottom of the page) then purchase the product/s that you require at standard retail price. RRP is still a fantastic price on the products we offer, quality is second to none. Kannaway is an industry leader for a reason.

Second way

A Preferred/SmartShip customer, Same as above however you will get wholesale prices! which is quite a saving. This is an optional program that allows both Loyal Customers and Brand Ambassadors to have the products of their choosing sent to them automatically on approximately the same day each month. If you are on smartship your card will be charged automatically every month. (on the date on which you set up the smartship).

Third way

Become a Kannaway Brand Ambassador, All your own personal orders will be at wholesale price without the need for smartship however it is still recommend to so (We can get into that if you are interested in this route). Not only does this option grant you huge saving with wholesale prices but it also gives you an amazing opportunity to join our amazing team here at Kannaway! Spreading the word about our products while helping people in need out, I work with some amazing people who have your back and will provide you with as much support as you need to build your business, The guidance is priceless!


3 for Free – This is Program is simple. Preferred Customers and Brand Ambassadors can earn FREE product by referring 3 Kannaway customers. The amount of FREE product that can be earned is based on the average product orders of all their Kannaway customers referred, not to exceed the Brand Ambassador or referred Customers Smart Ship order during the earned month.

Well! I shall wrap this up now, I hope this has helped in some way.

Any questions?

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