Kannaway Introduces the Premium Humulus Oil to Europe

What is Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil?

Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil is formulated with an extract of the Kriya brand Humulus plant, a unique variety of hops discovered in India. It naturally contains high levels of CBD, as well as the terpenes beta-caryophyllene and humulene. The plant was selectively bred to further increase its CBD levels, creating a patented extract called ImmunAg™, the main ingredient in Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil.

The Humulus plant’s oil, containing its active compounds, is flash distilled from the plant’s flowers to capture its beneficial effects. This Kriya brand Humulus extract is then mixed with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil to create a shelf-stable, easy to pour and measure CBD liquid. Each 118 ml bottle of Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil liquid contains a total of 1000 mg of CBD, about a month’s supply.

Advantages of Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil

  • Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil isn’t sourced from cannabis, ideal for those looking to avoid CBD products created with cannabis plants.
  • Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil is tested to show no levels of THC, so everyone can use it confidently.
  • Kannaway Premium Humulus Oil isn’t restricted the same way as cannabis-derived CBD products, nor does it carry the same controversy still tied to cannabis use.

You can find the new Premium Humulus Oil in the Kannaway store now.


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