My view on Free/Fee to join businesses

I hope this makes sense and I will keep it as short as possible, I want to share my view on the difference between “Free to join” & “Fee to Join” businesses.

My examples will all be out of 10 people 🙂

The majority (Not all) of work from home businesses that are “free to join” are EXTREMELY saturated! For every 1 person working their ass off, there are 9 people who are just “Seeing how it goes” which REALLY HURTS those who have spent a lot of time/effort researching and building their business etc etc… I can go on forever so I’ll leave it at that for the free ones!

Now for the other end, the ones that are not free to sign up (I don’t mean all so do your research in the company, this will be your own business so treat it like it or you won’t succeed… you wouldn’t open a shop without looking into everything) these tend to not be saturated (some are so again, research) as only the people willing to put the hard work in are involved. You’ll find that there are very few “Seeing how it goes” people involved.

Now ask yourself, do you want to start in a saturated business where your chances of success is low for various reasons?

For example, say you’re selling a product and a random person wants this product but they don’t know anyone within that business, they search for an ambassador, rep, business owner or whatever you want to call it so they can then get their hands on what they want.

You want that chance of someone random like my above example buying randomly out of the blue because they did a search, liked your hard work, content etc and made the purchase…. You don’t want that sale going to someone who isn’t in it for the right reasons and most importantly hurting your business.

I hope this helps someone in some way! Feel free to give me a message if you have any questions 🙂

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