To Celebrate Europe Grand Opening, New Brand Ambassadors Can Join Kannaway for Just €1

In honor of Kannaway’s official Europe Grand Opening in Prague this weekend, Kannaway is bringing back the opportunity to join as a Brand Ambassador for just €1 with the purchase of any Starter Value Pack or above.

This €1 special applies to any new Brand Ambassador joining Kannaway with a qualifying purchase and will end on November 22, 2018!

The Brand Ambassador fee, paid upon joining Kannaway, offers a number of benefits and services to a new Brand Ambassador, including:

  • Wholesale Pricing on Kannaway products
  • Personal Kannaway websites with retail store and shopping cart
  • Bespoke Virtual office for keeping track of your Team and Earnings
  • Free access to Kannaway’s world class Ten Step Getting Started training system
  • Free access to marketing library of downloadable support materials
  • Access to the Kannaway Compensation Plan
  • Eligibility for reward trips and incentives
  • And much more!

With a number of Kannaway product Value Packs to choose from and a lucrative Fast Start bonus available, there has never been a better time for a new person to join Kannaway, try the products, and begin to invite new customers to do the same.

Enroll a new team member for only €1 today! For more details on all of Kannaway’s products, offers, news, and updates, visit our blog.

This offer runs until November 22, 2018 at 11:59pm PST and is available to all eligible Kannaway markets. This offer applies to new people joining as Kannaway Brand Ambassadors (BA) for the first time, who during their enrollment purchase one of the following; Total Product Experience Value Pack, Sr. Executive Value Pack, Jr. Executive Value Pack, Pure Starter Value Pack, Starter Value Pack, Basic Value Pack. This offer is not redeemable by existing BA’s. The €1 offer applies only to the BA fee new members are required to pay and does not count towards any product purchases. After 12 months, BA’s are required to renew their membership at the regular price of €47.80. Regular purchase of a Kannaway BA membership does not require a product purchase and if product is not purchased, no sales commission of any kind is generated. Kannaway does not pay, or offer any kind of rewards, solely for the act of enrolling people into Kannaway. Sales commissions are generated only by the sale of Kannaway products to others.

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