Which Direct Sales CBD Company Is Best?

So you’re looking at which Direct Sales company is best in the CBD industry because you have either been offered an opportunity or you’re looking to start up as direct sales interests you or what ever reason brings you here! The one thing we can agree on is that you are here to find the best one and that is what i’m going to tell you!

There is a good few Hempworx, CTFO & Kannaway to name a few… I looked into and researched these 3 as they are the BIGGEST! After my long hours of research and a few days to sleep on it etc… I decided to find a Kannaway Ambassador, Not to become an Ambassador but to buy some CBD and try their product! WHY?

why did I choose to “try” Kannaway over the others? Well that was easy Kannaways Parent company is Medical Marijuana Inc, The first ever public trading (stock markets) Cannabis company for 1 but not just that Kannaways Sister companies! The CBD products Kannaway sell are those off the other companies! Which means that THIS is some top quality CBD! It is prescribed in several countries, Governments subsidize it, Its covered by Health insurance! and the list goes on and on! It really is breath taking!

Another thing that makes it the best is that its not free to join and become an ambassador! Wait! keep reading… this is very good! those free to join ones will get 100 times as many people signing up as they are just in it to “see if it works” they are not willing to put the work in… and not just that those who are really working hard well they are buried under the sheer volume of “see if it works” people! For those that don’t screw their nose up at a joining fee (its a small fee and i mean SMALL) well they are not in a sea full of people who are not in the business for the right reasons…




  • Huge selling points eg. The products are written as prescriptions in sever countries.
  • Less, a lot less Ambassadors but all very helpful, knowledgeable and experienced and customers themselves.
  • Great discounts and amazing perks!
  • One of the best priced CBD on the market!
  • Industry leaders in many ways, Prides itself on being the “company of firsts”
  • Have a Charity
  • Have a sports side (Kannaway Sports) with Hall Of Fame’rs, Olympic gold medalists and some epic big names in sports!

Having writers block now so will add to this later but I want to get the article live! 😀

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